Company History

2012 Indoor and outdoor fluorocarbon paint green building certification mark by the Ministry of the Interior.
2011 And plastic Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences R & D cooperation by the Ministry of Economy SBIR waterborne fluorocarbon coatings innovation grants.
2010 In cooperation with the Japanese Daikin tip chemistry published tetrafluoroethylene insulation coatings.
2009 Cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chennai silicon fluorine coating to develop and complete the trademark and patent applications approved.
2008 By IQC 080000 Hazardous Substance Management certification.
2006 Was awarded the Ministry of Finance to open a business uniform invoice merit award.
2005 Obtain ISO 14001 international environmental management system certification, awarded the merit SME's Taichung Count -Golden Hand Award.
2004 Obtain ISO 9001 international quality management system certification, the Taiwan High Speed Rail noise wall paint supplier qualification evaluation by.
2003 Industrial Development Foundation made Yanqing Ling Industrial Research Center of National Taiwan University, fourteen detect fluorocarbon resin coating AAMA 605.2 qualified.
2001 Designated 3C, mobile phones, NB of plastic, magnesium, aluminum, titanium shell coating suppliers to Foxconn, BenQ, Quanta, Mitac, USI and other OEM factory.
1999 Obtain Japanese Takashi Okubo Paint Co., Ltd. magnesium alloy shell 3C special coatings, Taiwan exclusive rights to designated special magnesium alloy material is a Japanese electronics maker.
1998 In cooperation with the Japanese Takashi Kubo Paint Co., Ltd. successfully developed a magnesium alloy special coatings.
1997 China's first self-developed 2-coat bake a special coating alloy wheels.
1996 In cooperation with Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. to develop High Power bright silver plating silver mirror coating.
1993 Successfully developed its own anti-static coating.
1990 Industrial restructuring for the supply of steam locomotive spare parts, alloy wheels paint (AC paint) professional factory.
1989 Cooperation with DIC Dainippon Ink Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. successfully developed system FEVE fluorocarbon paint and fluorocarbon paint from drying.
1985 With Japan to develop SELON hair paint, SONT leather paint, paint cracks and other special coatings.
1982 Imported from Japan-US resistance Ming (M) paint, AC acrylic paint, PU paint gifted Li and other manufacturing techniques.
1979 Painted by the founder of Chiu, Li, Kimura positive co-founded years, Sino-Japanese joint venture, specializing in the production of coatings, indoor water-based cement paint, automotive refinish primer and putty like.

Company Organization Structure

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The company passed the international certification of ISO9001 international quality assurance certification, ISO14001 international environmental certification and QC080000 control and other harmful substances.